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Skateboard Deck Industry News:  Currently we are facing fierce competition with foreign manufactured skateboard decks.  Many American companies are ruining our economy by moving productive factories to other countries where resources are cheaper.  Without American jurisdiction, safety and labor laws do not apply to overseas operations.  Sometimes children are employed under harsh conditions, only to make far below US minimum wage.

There are several major skateboard companies who have switched from American made skateboard decks to cheaper foreign decks, and many more are following suit.  These executives are making these decisions to fatten their bank accounts, while hard-working Americans are losing their jobs.

You can do your part by purchasing goods made in the USA.  Not only will you help keep our factory alive, you can help keep the entire economy flowing.  Our decks might cost a little more, but it's because we use the highest quality raw materials and each deck is handcrafted with over 20 years of experience.

Buy USA skateboards, because skateboarding was made in the USA!

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