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SkatePaige.com Legal Notice:

Skateboarding can cause severe bodily injury, possibly resulting in paralysis or death. SkatePaige.com and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for any such injuries due to the use or misuse of our products. Always follow safely precautions while engaging in skateboarding, and make proper use of a safety helmet and body pads.

Our decks are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects that cause unusual breakage and delamination. It is the sole judgment of SkatePaige.com to replace such decks with equal merchandise. Refunds, credits, exchanges, and replacements are void 10 days after delivery, and are void due to breakage and wear from normal use, from extreme and violent forces, and from forces of nature and fire.

Merchandise must be in new condition for a refund. The refunded amount is calculated as: full value minus shipping & handling costs, minus 5% restocking fee. All custom printed and/or painted skateboard decks, and any custom deck shapes not listed on our website, require full initial non-refundable payment.

These prices are subject to change without notice. There are no guarantees of delivery transit time. We may choose an alternate carrier to provide better shipping service. Additional shipping charges apply to returned shipments due to customer error or receiver absence.

All customers who reside outside the U.S.A. may be billed separately and are responsible for any or all of the following: import taxes, tariffs, duties, and any fees associated with the receipt of goods manufactured in the U.S.A. All currency is transacted in US dollars using the current exchange rate at the moment of transaction.

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